Industry Lists

Industry List

1. Healthcare Industry:-Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Physician and Doctors, Nurses, etc

2. Chemical Industry: - Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medicinal & Botanicals, Paints & Allied Products, etc

3. Information Technology: -Computer Hardware, Software, and IT Resellers (Value Added Resellers), etc

4. Construction Industry: -Floor Covering Stores, Industrial Buildings & Warehouses, Trade Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Heavy Construction Contractors

5. Automotive Industry:- Automobile dealers, New & Used Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers, Gasoline Service Stations, Boat Dealers, etc

6. Finance & Banking: - Insurance Agents, Banks, Financial Services, Credit Agency Non Bank, Mortgage Bankers & Correspondents, etc

7. Publishing Industry: -Trade Publishing, Educational Publishing, Book publishing, etc

8. Manufacturing Industry: -Food, Kindred Products, Textile, Apparel, Furniture, Fixtures, etc

9. Education Industry: -Primary-Schools, K-12, Colleges, Universities, Schools, etc

10. Wholesalers and Distributors:- Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts, Office Equipment, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Electric Parts & Equipment, Machinery & Equipment, etc and All other industries.

11. Electrical & Electronics Industry:- Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing Companies, Integrated Device Manufacturers, Fables Semiconductor Manufacturers, Semiconductor Foundries, Semiconductor Suppliers, Electronic Design Services, Intellectual Property Providers etc.

12. Other Industry:- Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Retail, Management Consulting, Marketing & Advertising, Engineering, Energy Etc,

Title Specific Lists.

1. All C-level executives List - CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CISO, CSO, COO, CNO etc.

2. All Key decision makers List - All C-level, VP level, Director level executives etc.

3. All HR Executives List - VP of HR, HR Director & HR Manager etc.

4. All Marketing Executives List- CMO, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Marketing officer, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator etc.

5. All IT Executives List - CIO, CTO, CISO, IT-VP, IT-Director, IT Manager, MIS Manager etc.

6. All Finance Executives List - CFO, VP of Finance, Director of Finance, Finance Manager, Controller, Treasurer etc.

7. All Healthcare Executives List - C/V/D/Manager contacts & Physicians/Doctors/Nurses etc.

8. All Customer Service Executives List - VP of Customer service/Support/Relation, Direct of Customer service/Support/Relation, Manager of Customer service/Support/Relation etc.

9. Planners, Environment, benefit, accounts, merchandise or any other titles and all other titles.

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